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Our approach comprises of four key elements under one heading:  Analyze, Plan, Produce and Deliver (APPD) Analyze: Once we have listened to our prospective customers and understood their needs we will conduct a thorough analysis and develop a concept. Plan: After the concept development we put together a dedicated implementation team headed by a project manager and design a detailed plan, which we share with the customer to align our expectations. Produce: The plan will contain specific milestones to ensure quality and timely delivery. Deliver: After the product has been developed and tested, the project manager is ready to deliver the product to our customer. We take particular pleasure in delivering our product to the customer and make final touches. We dedicate ourselves and invest so many efforts in developing the product, we develop feelings for it. We believe that this kind of attitude is key to success. We enjoy when our customers show appreciation for the quality that we deliver.
Ekatherine Kakhiani
DOM Daily Operations Management
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